Japanese architecture

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Japanese architectural styles and forms (in rough chronological order):

  • Castles
  • 長屋 (ながや)nagaya – tenement house / traditional urban dwelling, a form of collective housing 集合住宅の; may also be referred to as ‘town house’ タウンハウス
  • gassho-zukuri 合掌造り (steep, thatched roof; example: Shirakawago)
  • Machiya 町屋 (商家) – merchant house
  • Kanban kenchiku (‘billboard architecture’)
  • Kura (倉 or 蔵)
  • Meiji
  • 西洋館seiyoukan (せいようかん): Western pavillion style / Western-style building (book)
    • 洋館 Western-style house yokan
    • 洋風建築 Western-style architecture yofu kenchiku
  • Taisho
  • ‘Modern’ 近代建築
  • Art deco
  • Imperial crown style 帝冠様式 (teikan yoshiki) (see example)
  • モダンな文化住宅 Modern cultural house (mentioned)
  • 文化住宅 Bunka jūtaku ‘Cultural housing’
  • 和洋折衷住宅 “Japanese-Western eclecticism” (wayōsetchū): this term applies to art as well; in context of architecture, it refers to structures exhibiting a mix of Western and Japanese elements
  • 近畿の集合住宅としての文化住宅 “Cultural housing as apartment complex in Kinki”
  • Danchi 団地 and public housing estates
  • metabolism architecture
  • ‘Mansion’
  • Apaato / Apartment
  • Rag / Tattered Apartment ボロアパート / ボロボロアパート
  • Sloped-roof buildings of 5-10 stories
  • Luxury apartment

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Selected architects:

  • Kenzo Tange
  • Toyo Ito
  • Shigeuru Ban
  • Tadao Ando 安藤忠雄 (example)
  • SANAA (Sejima and Nishizawa and Associates)

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