(34) Earthquake seismic retrofits 耐震補強

Building codes in Japan have been updated from time to time to address earthquake risks. Many buildings built before the current codes can be seen with what I consider to be aesthetically-appealing cross-braces, which is a form of seismic retrofit 耐震補強. Here are some examples:


Before-and after of a danchi apartment tower:

Clothes hanging to dry on a balcony of a danchi near Nakano-Shimbashi:

I will add some visuals to this post when I get a chance, but must mention this: at the Kobe earthquake museum they have a “shake table” that demonstrates earthquakes on a scale model of a simple 3-story structure. There are three options”

  1. without cross-braces
  2. with cross-braces
  3. with cross-braces and roller-stabilizers.

Building #1 collapsed with minimal shaking. Building #2, which had just one cross-brace, held up significantly longer.

Other examples:

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