Future Tokyo: Shinagawa Station Redevelopment

Shinagawa Station is convenient due to the confluence of multiple train lines; but besides convenience, it’s difficult to get excited about the Shinagawa Station area. The immediate area to the east of the station is small and somewhat typical of large train stations, but it quickly disperses into an anonymous collection of large buildings., The area to the west of the station is cut-off by a wide road, then crowded by a low but somewhat steep ridge of hills. Furthermore, Shinagawa Station is a rail yard that eats up a large an enormous amount of real estate.  Here’s a street map (from a previous post) that shows an intense tangle of tracks dominating the neighborhood.

The good news is that major changes are coming, including the planned development of a new station between Shinagawa Station and Tamachi Station named Takanawa Gateway Station 高輪ゲートウェイ駅.  Groundbreaking for the new station commenced in February 2017. The station is slated to open in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Here’s a view from JR East’s 2015 redevelopment plan.

Title: Formation of an International Exchange Hub through the Development of the Former Site of the JR Shinagawa Depot Railway Yard

This image is taken from “District planning for Area surrounding Shinagawa Station Land Readjustment Project for Area surrounding Shinagawa Station City Planning Road (Auxiliary Line No. 332), Summary of City Planning (Draft)” by East Japan Railway Company (PDF)

The plans suggest improvements to the pedestrian experience, though time will tell what this will look like when implemented:

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