(24) Tokyo’s micro-parks 東京小緑地 / 東京の小さな公園

Tokyo has its share of large parks, but it also has a large number of micro-parks, such as Narita Nishi 4-chome Green Space 成田西四丁目緑地, in Suginami-ku (map); this park is only 50 square meters.

A slightly larger example is Toshima-ku Minami-Otsuka Park 豊島区立南大塚公園 (map):

The following park’s name even mentions its small size: Seijo 1-chome Small Green Space 成城一丁目小緑地 (map):

And this gloriously-small example in Nishi-Tokyo: 栄町二丁目第1緑地 (map):


Other examples:

  • Ikebukuro 1-chome Children’s park 池袋一丁目児童遊園 (map)
  • Nishihara Children’s Amusement Park 西原児童遊園地, just north of Yoyogi-Uehara Station 代々木上原駅 (map)
  • Parks in Nishi-Tokyo (website) (PDF)


  • 緑地 = ryokuchi = green area
  • 小緑地 = small green area
  • 児童遊園 = children’s park
  • ポケットパーク = pocket park


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