(20) Smoking areas in Tokyo 喫煙所

Tokyo used to be a smoker’s paradise, but there now are restrictions on smoking, particularly in public. Many wards of Tokyo have rules prohibiting smoking in public; these neighborhoods restrict public smoking to designated smoking areas called  喫煙所 (kitsuen-jo) or 喫煙エリア (kitsuen area).


喫煙所 (kitsuen-jo) = smoking area

公衆喫煙所 = public smoking area

公共喫煙所 = public smoking area

指定喫煙場所 = designated smoking area

区指定喫煙所 = ward-designated smoking area

無料喫煙所 = free smoking area

指定煙場所 = designated smoking area / smoking corner (uses the same kanji 喫 used in kissaten)

A smoker area in Shimbashi:


A smoking area near Shibuya crossing, visible on Google Maps:


A lovely smoking area along the Kanda River (near exit 5 of the Hibiya Line Akihabara Station).

Smoking areas in various Tokyo wards:

Taito-ku smoking area map (link):

Toshima-ku smoking areas (link)

Chiyoda-ku smoking areas (link)

Shibuya-ku smoking areas (link)

Chuo-ku smoking areas (link)

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