(6) Provisional spaces in Tokyo

There are a number of provisional spaces in the Tokyo metro area that feel at-odds with its generally modern design. These are spaces that feel temporary and unpolished.

(1) That tunnel near Shinagawa where you have to duck

(2) An underpass near Senzokuike station (map)

Known as 東京一低いガード下. See post: Breaking the law to mail a letter, or, Being a pedestrian in America and abroad

(3) Public toilets – open to the world

Public toilets in parks and other spaces are shockingly open to the world. I often feel like I’m doing something wrong when I used an outdoor public restroom. For more examples, see Public toilets in Tokyo.

(3) Ichikawa, Chiba walkway (map)

On a long, rambling walk I was surprised that this bridge showed up as the suggested route on Google Maps. I followed it, of course.

(4) Tiny boat that ferries golfers across the Tamagawa river

See post: (a picture’s worth a thousand words) 百聞は一見に如かず – a Kawasaki sanpo

(5) Path in Kawasaki hills

Near Kuji, Takatsu-ku, Kanagawa.

(6) Floodplains as parks

Baseball in Shibamata Park 柴又公園, on the banks of the Edogawa river, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo. See post: Tokyo day trip: riding into Shibamata on Tora-san’s coat-tails

The wonderful river and park just outside Futako-Tamagawa station:

(7) Path in Kawasaki going under the bridge: Nikaryou yousui canal 二ヶ領用水 (にかりょうようすい)

(8) Narrow and low bridge underpass near Katsutadai Station 勝田台駅, in Chiba (map)

See post: Rampage Swamp and the River of Flowers 花見川とあばれ沼

(9) Underpass in Hatanodai (map)



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